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Everything An Auto Repair Owner Should Know About Optimizing Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool that helps support your auto repair shop. With its 260 billion users in North America alone, it enables you to directly reach your target audience. However, to truly leverage its advertising power, you’ll need to take the right steps.

Here’s how to get the most out of your auto repair Facebook page. 

Show Who Your Business Is

View your Facebook business page much like you view your website, it can serve as the first impression for your customers. That’s why it’s important to fill in all the blanks. Include:

  • Contact information (including phone number and email)
  • Profile picture and cover photo
  • Choose the correct page type (local business)
  • Fill in all questions (such as store hours and price range)

Use All the Capabilities

In addition to your auto shop profile (this includes the “Home” and “About” pages), there are several different types of connected pages that can provide potential customers with a better sense of who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them.

  • Community: If you want to give your customers a place to share posts and content from work you did on their vehicle, you might want to consider creating a community page.
  • Events: Make sure to create an events tab if you have something major going on like a big promotion or workshop.
  • Reviews: Reviews are crucial for any auto repair shop. In fact, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. That’s why you should encourage every customer to share their experience on your Facebook page. Best practices are to respond to each one which also boosts your engagement. 
  • Services: Make it clear exactly what you offer your customers. Include each of the services provided by your shop and the pricing associated. 

Add a Call to Action

After providing all the information the customer needs, you’ll want to give them an immediate way to contact you with a call-to-action. This is a button located at the top of your page, just beneath the cover photo. A call-to-action prompts any prospective customers to reach out to you for more information. It directs anyone who is considering your services from your Facebook page back to your website or to a phone number. 

If you aren’t sure what to choose for your call-to-action button, here are a few ideas:

  • Book now
  • Call now
  • Contact us
  • Get a Quote
  • Learn More

Manage Comments and Responses

Managing comments and responses means more than just monitoring what customers are saying. It means engaging with them. Every comment or review posted to your auto shop Facebook page should receive a response from you–whether you’re thanking them for taking the time to leave a review or providing a solution for a bad experience. 

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. So, when someone goes to your Facebook page to read what former customers are saying, they should also see your thoughtful responses. 

Moreover, by engaging with each person who reaches out, you improve your engagement which helps expand your auto shop’s reach. 

Utilize Messenger

Similar to managing your comments and reviews, Messenger is another key way that you can connect with your customers. Similar to emails, it is best to respond to any messages as promptly as possible as Facebook lets people know roughly how long it takes for you to respond. Consider checking in every day to make the window as small as possible. This is also a great way to earn the trust of your customers. 

Stay Active

Posting too much can have a negative effect on your engagement. Especially if customers “mute” your posts. According to research, you should post no more than 1-2 times per day

Not sure what to put on your business page? Here are a few auto repair Facebook post ideas to get you thinking:

  • Any recent blog posts
  • Pictures of a before and after
  • Polls related to auto repairs
  • How-to videos like changing a tire or checking oil 
  • Spotlights on your technicians or front office staff

It’s more important to create fewer quality posts than to have many posts that don’t resonate with customers. 

Round Out Your Marketing Efforts

Though important, Facebook is just one component of your overall marketing strategy. Your website, reviews, and even Google search rankings are all important areas that need your attention. Fortunately, you can make more time for these advertising efforts with automation.

AutoVitals provides solutions that help you scale your marketing and streamline your internal processes

From managing customer reviews to a built-in loyalty program to expertly designed websites, AutoVitals makes it easy to reach more customers without lifting a finger. Plus, its digital vehicle inspections and workflow management make it easy for you to keep your business running smoothly. 

Whether you’re looking to boost your ARO or want to increase customer retention, AutoVitals is the partner you’ve been waiting for. 

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