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5 Smart Ways Auto Repair Shops Are Using Tablets To Streamline Operations

It’s easy to see how adding tablets to your auto shop’s workflow can simplify your front-end operations. However, the benefits of improving your shop’s technological infrastructure don’t have to stop there. 

When paired with the right software, introducing a tablet for service technician use can seriously enhance your efficiency. Here are some noteworthy ways your auto repair shop can use tablets to save time on the job.

1. Digital Inspections

On average, people today spend more than three hours each day on their smartphones. That’s why digital inspections are not only a great way to increase efficiency but also improve the customer experience. It just takes the right software. 

Digital inspection software from AutoVitals, for example, allows the service advisor to send inspection reports directly to their clients’ phones. They can also attach photos and videos, helping them clearly show issues they have found and how they will solve these problems. Since most digital vehicle inspection software is designed for tablets, investing in at least one tablet for service technicians to use can make a big difference. 

2. Work Order Management

Tablets powered by workflow automation software are the ideal solution for outdated work order management practices. With tablets, you can:

  • Keep accurate records. Tablets can help you track everything from the status of individual jobs to your shop’s overall progress towards meeting its KPIs.
  • Record changes the moment they happen. Your techs won’t need to write down changes in multiple logs with tablets. Instead, your tablet software will immediately apply these changes across the entire system.
  • Share updates right away. When a technician updates a specific job, that change will be sent to your shop’s front end. As a result, the service advisor will be able to let customers know the status of their repairs right away.
  • Save money. Unproductive time could be costing your auto shop thousands of dollars. Tablets can mitigate the issue by helping your technicians increase their efficiency while staying in their bays.

3. Punching In and Out of Jobs

Traditionally, technicians have had to leave their bays when punching out from one job and in on another. That might not sound like a problem for your shop, but each of these interruptions will add up in the long run.

With tablets, your techs will not only be able to switch between jobs while staying in place but they can also clock in and out from their bay increasing productivity and efficiency. By eliminating this one inconvenience, you should see a difference in car count, saving on costs and generating more revenue. 

4. Ordering Parts

One of the biggest inconveniences your technicians have to deal with is the process of ordering parts. In the past, this has required techs to stop what they’re doing, head over to the parts department, find and then wait to order the part they need.

Fortunately, there’s now a better way to approach these orders. With a tablet and access to images, the service advisor sees all the work techs are doing, they can then order all parts after seeing the inspections on their screens. And if a part is needed outside of that, techs can simply notify the service advisor via the tablet to order a part.

5. Accessing Vehicle Information

In some cases, your technicians will need to do some research in order to repair a vehicle successfully. While this is unavoidable, the way they perform this research matters. If your shop has been around for a while, there’s a good chance techs need to log into a computer workstation to get the information they need. Tablets can eliminate all that by putting the info your techs are looking for at their fingertips. 

The information they’ll be able to access goes far beyond vehicle manuals. They’ll also be able to review the previous history, and the repair order (RO) details like part number, quantities, and labor operations.

How to Start Streamlining Operations

If you haven’t already invested in at least one designated tablet for service technician use, the time to start is now. With this technology, your techs will be more efficient and your service dvisor will provide better customer service thus increasing car count.

A key component is ensuring you have the right software. AutoVitals provides digital solutions for auto shops, ranging from digital vehicle inspections and workflow automation to web design and digital marketing. Experts in running successful auto repair shops, AutoVitals can increase your shop’s revenue, sales, and car count.

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