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AutoVitals VIN Scanner

The VIN scanner is a crucial tool in any automotive professional's arsenal. A VIN scanner and decoder allow you to scan a vehicle's identification number to access important vehicle information, such as the year, make, and model. VIN scanners save automotive professionals valuable time and reduce the possibility of manual error. 

AutoVitals VIN Scanner Capabilities

AutoVitals' digital vehicle inspections include an integrated VIN scanner designed to make adding vehicle information an effortless experience. 

Here are some key features of AutoVitals VIN Scanner:

  • VIN Scanning and Decoding: The AutoVitals VIN Scanner can read multiple codes, including Linear, Data Matrix, and QR codes. This versatility means it can quickly capture and decode the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from various vehicles, regardless of the type of code used.
  • Year, Make, and Model: Once the VIN is scanned, the scanner instantly decodes it, providing immediate information about the vehicle's year, make, and model. This information is crucial for technicians to understand the specifics of the car they are working on and simplifies the check-in process.
  • Data Entry:  By automatically gathering this critical data, the AutoVitals VIN Scanner eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the potential for human error and speeding up the entire inspection process. This feature alone can save automotive technicians and service centers significant time, allowing them to focus on what they do best. 
  • Point of Sale Integration: AutoVitals integrates with most major point of sale/shop management systems. With our two-way integration, the vehicle VIN, year, make, model, odometer reading, and more will be pushed back into your shop management system. 

Beyond VIN Scanning: A Streamlined Check-In and Inspection Process

The VIN Scanner is just the beginning of how AutoVitals facilitates the vehicle check-in and inspection process. Here's how the entire system works to make life easier for automotive technicians:

Comprehensive Vehicle Check-In:

Once the VIN is scanned, AutoVitals' digital vehicle inspections guide technicians through gathering all other necessary vehicle information. This includes an odometer reading and a walk-around visual inspection of the vehicle to check for any body damage prior to service. 

Multi-Point Inspection:

AutoVitals' system leads technicians through a thorough walk-around and multi-point inspection process. This comprehensive digital vehicle inspection covers various aspects of the vehicle, including:

  • Under the Hood: AutoVitals' digital inspection guides technicians through checking critical engine components, fluids, and other mechanical elements. This step is essential for identifying potential issues affecting the vehicle's performance.
  • Vehicle Interior: The digital vehicle inspection will prompt the technician to check the dashboard for warning lights and note the condition of the cabin air filter.  
  • Tires and Suspension:  The system prompts technicians to examine the vehicle's tires, brakes, and suspension components, ensuring that the car is roadworthy and safe for the driver.  

Here is a video demonstrating the digital vehicle inspection process for the technician: 

Customer Inspection Report: 

Once the inspection is complete, shops can text or email the inspection results directly to their customers. The digital vehicle inspection report includes pictures and videos of each recommendation along with an educational video explaining the technician's recommendation. Digital vehicle inspections allow customers to see exactly what your technicians see, improving transparency and approvals. 

The Benefits of AutoVitals VIN Scanner and Digital Inspections

By integrating the AutoVitals VIN Scanner into their workflow, automotive service centers can reap numerous benefits such as:

  1. Increased Efficiency: The automated data entry and guided inspection process significantly speed up vehicle check-ins and inspections, allowing service centers to serve more customers in less time.
  2. Error Reduction: By eliminating manual data entry, AutoVitals reduces the potential for human error, ensuring accurate information and helping to build customer trust. 
  3. Customer Satisfaction: The digital reporting feature provides customers with a clear understanding of their vehicle's condition and the necessary repairs. This transparency fosters trust and encourages repeat business.
  4. Comprehensive Service: The guided inspection process ensures that technicians provide thorough evaluations, addressing all aspects of a vehicle's needs. This comprehensive approach benefits customers and helps service centers establish a reputation for quality service.


Efficiency and accuracy are essential in the modern automotive industry. The AutoVitals VIN Scanner and digital inspection system revolutionize vehicle check-ins and inspections, making the entire process seamless from start to finish. By streamlining data entry, guiding technicians through comprehensive inspections, and providing digital reports, AutoVitals enhances both technician workflow and customer satisfaction. This powerful tool sets a new standard in the automotive industry, offering a comprehensive solution that benefits service centers and vehicle owners alike.

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