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How Digital Inspections Can Help Recruit Great Automotive Technicians

In auto repair, the demand for skilled automotive technicians in the United States has reached a staggering 5.4 times higher than the current supply. To make up for this gap between supply and demand, TechForce reported that we need over 600,000 new technicians to enter the industry. The technician shortage is a crisis that has left auto repair shop owners scrambling to find and retain top-tier talent. The majority of shop owners are constantly on the search for good technicians. You might be surprised to learn that implementing digital vehicle inspections (DVI) in your shop can help you attract and retain the best automotive technicians to your shop and set the stage for your shop's long-term success. Here are a few ways that implementing digital inspections can help you recruit automotive technicians to your shop. 

DVI Increases Billed Hours Sold per Technician

The increasing technician shortage calls for innovative solutions, and digital inspections are emerging as a game-changer in the recruitment process. One of the primary concerns for both auto repair shop owners and technicians is profitability. By implementing digital inspections, you can significantly increase the billed hours sold per technician. In fact, after analyzing data from thousands of auto repair shops, we found that, on average, shops that effectively implement digital inspections have a $300 higher ARO than shops that do not. 

How does this help in recruiting great technicians? Well, a profitable shop is a more attractive place to work. Technicians are more likely to choose a shop that can offer them a stable income with opportunities for earning more. With digital inspections, you can prove to prospective technicians that they have a high earning potential at your shop and will be working on fulfilling work. When technicians consistently have a full workload due to increased billed hours, they stand to make more money and are more satisfied with their job. Additionally, a profitable shop can afford to offer higher wages, making it more competitive in the job market and attractive to potential hires.

DVI Increases Recommendation to Estimate Rate

Digital inspections are not just about improving the bottom line; they also enhance the customer experience. When your shop effectively implements digital inspections, your service advisors can provide customers with comprehensive, educational content about their vehicle's condition. This empowers service advisors to sell more recommendations per repair order (RO).

Why does this matter in recruiting technicians? Technicians want to work in an environment where they know their expertise is valued and where they can take pride in delivering quality work. When service advisors can effectively communicate the necessity of recommended repairs to customers, they are more likely to sell all necessary maintenance. Thus, technicians will be able to work on higher ticket repairs and be assured that they are returning the vehicle to the customer in a safe condition. 

Technicians are drawn to shops that prioritize their professional integrity and expertise, and a high recommendation to estimate rate is a clear sign of that commitment. Consequently, your shop becomes a more attractive destination for skilled technicians who want to work on meaningful and necessary repairs.

Digital Inspections Define a Clear and Consistent Inspection Process

Successful recruitment and retention of technicians depend on creating an environment where they can succeed in their role. Digital inspections play a pivotal role in establishing a clear and consistent inspection process, which technicians highly value. When technicians know exactly what is expected of them and have access to standardized inspection processes, they can perform their jobs more effectively. This not only leads to better outcomes for customers but also fosters a sense of job satisfaction and security among technicians.

Furthermore, a well-defined inspection process helps reduce the margin for error and ensures that all relevant issues are addressed. This level of consistency and attention to detail can make your shop an attractive place for technicians who take pride in their work and value a structured work environment.


In the midst of the automotive technician shortage in the United States, auto repair shop owners must adapt and innovate to attract and retain the best talent. Implementing digital inspections is a strategic move that increases profitability and enhances the overall shop experience for both technicians and customers. By increasing billed hours, improving the recommendation to estimate rate, and defining a clear and consistent inspection process, your shop becomes a magnet for great technicians looking for a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. In this fiercely competitive landscape, embracing digital inspections can give your auto repair shop the edge it needs to thrive and secure top-tier technicians for years to come.

Looking to implement digital inspections in your shop? Contact AutoVitals today to schedule a product demonstration! 

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