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How to Migrate Your Auto Repair Shop to The Cloud

Auto shop software may have sounded like a fad decades ago, but that definitely isn’t the case today. In the 2020s, the inspection, communication, and scheduling features available in online software are indispensable for anyone running an independent garage. And with the advent of auto repair cloud technologies, your mechanics don’t even have to leave their workstations to use these programs.

Are you thinking about modernizing your shop by adding a professional software package to your workflow? If so, there’s no time to waste. Read on to learn how you can migrate your auto repair shop to the cloud the easy way.

Research Your Options

If you’re looking for auto repair cloud software, you shouldn’t just buy the first program you read about. There are many options available in this niche, so it pays to find as many different auto repair programs as possible. Once you’ve found several pieces of software that could work for your garage, narrow your selection down by looking at each program’s pricing, features, support, and scalability.

When searching for programs for your auto repair shop, keep an eye out for products offering these key abilities:

  • Digital inspections. Paper inspections may be “traditional,” but why stick with a tradition that isn’t providing results? Digital inspections can be sent directly to customers’ phones for maximum convenience, and you can even attach photos and videos to illustrate issues with a client’s vehicle.
  • Communication tools. There’s no denying it: digital communication is just faster than alternative methods. That’s especially true in workplace settings, so ensure your auto repair shop software comes packed with internal and external communication features.
  • Labor hour scheduling/tracking. When you own an auto repair shop, time is money—and downtime can cost you more than you might think. Workflow management features can help maximize your mechanics’ efficiency.
  • Smart service reminders. Bring past customers back to your shop! Customer retention software can keep track of upcoming vehicle maintenance and previously deferred work, then send automatic reminders encouraging customers to book an appointment.
  • Billing. Running an auto shop can be a rewarding career, but that doesn’t mean every aspect of this job is engaging. Instead of handling billing yourself, look for software to help you manage this mundane task.

Scope Out The Software

Once you’ve taken a closer look at your options for auto repair cloud software, you may think you’re ready to commit to a specific program. That’s certainly understandable, but you should take a few more steps before making this decision. 

For example, looking for online reviews is always wise. That way, you’ll get to hear honest options on these programs from independent auto shops like yours.

If you’re seriously considering a program for your auto shop, it’s also crucial to set up a guided demo first. When you go through a product demo of auto repair shop software, you’ll get a chance to see how this software works in real life. 

During your demo, make sure to consider the program in question in terms of its:

  • User-friendliness. The entire point of migrating your auto shop to the cloud is to make things simpler for you, your customers, and your techs. If the software you’re considering doesn’t seem particularly easy to use, keep looking. 
  • Training and customer support. You can’t benefit from software you don’t know how to use. Your solution partner should offer free training and support so you know how to make the most of your new tools. At AutoVitals, we also support our partners with monthly check-ins based on data to drive results. 
  • Speed. This is a continuation of the previous point, but it bears mentioning on its own. Successful auto shop programs need to speed up your garage’s operations—not slow them down.
  • Ability to integrate with your shop. It’s wise to ensure your new auto shop software will work smoothly along with any other programs you already use.

Prepare for Launch

Once you’ve found auto repair cloud software that meets your business’s needs, it’s time for the next step. Before adding this program to your existing workflow, ensure everything’s ready to go behind the scenes.

The exact nature of this process will change based on many different factors, including the solution you choose and your shop’s current technological capabilities. Still, you can expect it to involve things like moving over data and customer records, adjusting settings to fit your garage’s needs, and so on. 

While this may sound overwhelming, it’s important to note that a trustworthy software provider won’t leave you to figure things out on your own. Instead, they’ll provide an implementation plan and guide you through the migration process one step at a time.

Train Your Team

Your new auto shop software may be powerful and well-designed, but that alone won’t be enough to bring your shop into the cloud. Additionally, the people employed at your garage need to understand how to get the most out of this technology. Take some time to teach your crew how to use the new software as effectively as possible.

At the same time, it’s crucial to give your employees a reason to want to use your new software. To maximize team buy-in, explain the benefits of your cloud software to your mechanics—including how it can make their own lives easier.


The last step of the cloud migration process is also the most straightforward part—push the (metaphorical) button and bring your shop online! 

Of course, you won’t be able to kick back and relax just yet. It’s crucial to keep an eye on areas where you can increase efficiency and make ongoing optimizations as needed. During this time, it’s also important to gather feedback from your customers and employees on whether or not they enjoy the new features and if they have any suggestions for improvement. 

Join the Digital Age With AutoVitals

Migrating your auto repair shop to the cloud may sound like a great deal of hard work, but the payoff is more than worth it. Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll be able to enjoy improved efficiency and heightened profits for years to come.

Plus, the migration process doesn’t have to be difficult if you choose the right partner. AutoVitals offers a comprehensive implementation plan and a full suite of training modules, allowing our customers to enjoy a seamless transition into running a fully-digital shop. We offer the only Complete Shop Success Solution that can help you streamline shop efficiency, boost revenue, and more. Get started by setting up your AutoVitals demo today!

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