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How to Choose an Automotive Repair Invoice App For Your Shop

In the last few decades, technologies built specifically for auto repair shops are getting harder to ignore. They can help streamline workflows, retain techs, and increase your car count. Arguably, one of the most overlooked programs is an invoice app that makes your front office staff’s job significantly easier. The right software is easier to work with, eliminates the need for redundant paperwork, and allows you to work with clients wherever they are.

To truly leverage this technology, you need a partner that meets all of your needs. Here is what you should be searching for when it comes time to consider an automotive repair invoice app.

Stellar Customer Service

When you implement a new program, you want a company that is going to provide training for you and your staff. This training is absolutely essential to a seamless rollout of your new invoicing app, but it shouldn’t be where the customer service ends. Training is just the beginning of what should be a long-term partnership with your software company.

Instead, you should look for a solution that offers customer service at every stage of the process. 

Look for companies that offer you the flexibility to reach out to them whenever questions arise. They should be able and willing to hop in at any time. The right software company may even offer professional advice. This allows them to take a comprehensive look at your technology and solutions to see where you could improve and make the lives of your service advisors and auto repair technicians even easier.

Features Specific to Auto Repair

When it comes to finding an invoicing app, you want to pick something that caters to the auto repair industry. There are many options out there, but one that specializes in your area of work allows you to address some of the nuances of your daily business. 

For example, you need to create a system of transparency between your technicians and your customers. They no longer trust businesses to keep their car running smoothly, so having a system that allows you to demonstrate exactly what needs to be addressed and why can help. 

Other benefits that should be accounted for include: 

  • Easy ability to edit invoices
  • Secure platform for consumers to access invoices and make payments
  • Invoices available to customers 24/7 for added convenience
  • Quicker to build invoices
  • Unlimited copies

Multiple Payment Options 

One of the main reasons to utilize an automotive repair invoice app should be convenience for customers. By accepting multiple payment options, such as different credit cards or a payment plan, customers can more easily remit payments and make it easier on management. 

The Right Partner

Are you ready to find the perfect partner for your new invoicing app that can streamline customer payment and simplify things for your staff? AutoVitals is here to help with our revolutionary app as well as other services that can grow with your business.

Our system allows you to integrate every aspect of your business into one convenient package. It starts with digital vehicle inspections for your customer, complete with photos and videos that can explain the work you need to do to get their car in top shape. Your customer can review the information, sign up for service, or decline anything they wish without you having to lift a finger.

AutoVitals has a goal of providing complete transparency between service advisers, technicians, and the vehicle owner.

We make everything simple from the time your customer decides to book an appointment to the moment they need to pay their invoice. Everything can be done online at their convenience with the AutoVitals software integrated into your auto repair shop’s website.

We even integrate with your current POS to help you maximize bay and tech utilization, increase car count, and ultimately drive more growth for your business.

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