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Why Shops Choose Digital Vehicle Inspections

Unfortunately, the automotive repair industry has battled a reputation of mistrust for decades. Customers are often skeptical about the necessity and quality of repairs. However, digital vehicle inspections (DVI) are changing this reputation, offering a transparent, efficient, and customer-friendly approach. Here are five compelling reasons why your auto repair shop should adopt digital vehicle inspections. 

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Affirm Customer Trust

As vehicles have become more complex and expensive to repair, customers' distrust of auto repair shops has only grown. The average American does not understand the parts or functioning of their car. Lack of knowledge breeds distrust, which negatively impacts auto repair shops.

Digital vehicle inspections empower shops to address this issue directly by giving customers a transparent view of what technicians see and do. Through DVIs, shops can share photographic evidence of the vehicle's condition before and after repairs, effectively demonstrating the necessity and quality of the work done. Additionally, digital vehicle inspection systems like AutoVitals include educational notes and videos that explain to customers what the part is, why it needs to be fixed, and the potential repercussions if it is not serviced.

This visual proof and educational material builds trust, showing customers that their vehicle is in capable and honest hands. 

Brake Fluid DVI-2 

Above is an example of AutoVitals Digital Vehicle Inspections. In the "Notes" section, canned notes that explain the recommended action are automatically added to each condition. Below the "Notes", the customer can see photographic evidence of their brake moisture level on the dipstick. Lastly, an educational video is included explaining why replacing the fluid is important. 

Sell More Work

In traditional paper-based inspection processes, 66% or more of technician findings are not sold to the customer. This is because technicians will cherry-pick what recommendations they think the service advisor will present to the customer. In turn, the service advisor only presents what recommendations they believe the customer will approve. Not only does this open your shop up to liability, but it also dramatically reduces your shop's profit potential. 

Digital vehicle inspections increase customer approvals by over 70%. Shops typically see a 20% or more increase in average repair order value post-implementation of DVIs. The reason is simple: people tend to believe what they can see and understand. By presenting clear, visual evidence of the issues and the proposed repairs, customers are more likely to approve the necessary work.

Prevent Shop Liability Claims

Occasionally, customers may dispute the condition of their vehicle post-service, such as claiming new damage or part failures that they attribute to the shop's work. Digital vehicle inspections can safeguard your shop against such claims. By maintaining a detailed vehicle and service history, complete with time-stamped photographic evidence, DVIs offer a factual, unarguable record of the vehicle's condition at the time of service. This can be invaluable in protecting your shop from unfounded liability claims. 

Body Damage DVI Above is an example of an AutoVitals shop documenting preexisting vehicle damage. 

Boost Service Advisor Effectiveness

Service Advisors juggle numerous responsibilities, from greeting customers to creating repair orders and ordering parts. Digital vehicle inspections can significantly ease their workload. Like a pizza delivery tracker, AutoVitals' DVIs provide automatic status updates to customers, reducing the need for inbound phone calls and queries. Furthermore, as customers receive digital information about their vehicle's condition and required repairs, they are better informed and prepared when speaking with Service Advisors. This streamlines the approval process and makes estimating and advising more effective.

Increase Technician Effectiveness

In traditional paper-based inspections, technicians might selectively present recommendations, biased by what they think will be approved or can be sold. This cherry-picking often leads to less profitable jobs and can increase shop liability if critical recommendations are overlooked.

Digital vehicle inspections ensure that all findings are documented and presented to the customer, leading to a higher rate of approved recommendations and more profitable work for technicians. Additionally, this comprehensive approach ensures that no critical issue is left unaddressed, enhancing customer safety and shop credibility.


In a world where transparency and efficiency are increasingly valued, digital vehicle inspections are a beacon of progress for auto repair shops. By adopting this technology, shops can enhance their operational efficiency and rebuild and strengthen the all-important trust with their customers. AutoVitals' digital vehicle inspection  system offers a comprehensive solution that caters to all aspects of customer service and shop management, making it an indispensable tool for any forward-thinking auto repair business.

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