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US AutoForce Selects BayIQ to Join Tire One Program

BayIQ+AV 2020

US AutoForce, the leading distributor of tires, undercar parts, and lubricants has selected BayIQ, a division of AutoVitals, as a provider of automated marketing software to the independent tire and automotive repair industry, to be part of its successful Tire One Program. 

Made for and by auto and tire professionals, BayIQ's products allow shops to handle all their marketing needs in one place. BayIQ's platform provides features designed to help tire dealers retain customers, save time, and increase revenue, including: 

  • Improved customer relationship marketing (CRM)
  • Email and text messaging to send customers promotions, service reminders, and rewards program notifications
  • Rewards program to encourage customer retention and loyalty
  • Automatic messages to solicit online reviews for Google and Facebook
  • Reports and insights dashboard to manage performance

The easy-to-use BayIQ interface integrates seamlessly with most point-of-sale systems, providing clients with the ability to enroll customers for rewards and to customize outreach and incentives.

We are excited to partner with US AutoForce to provide their Tire One program members with even more benefits to help their businesses thrive," said Jennifer Thronson, General Manager of BayIQ. "BayIQ shops have created a loyal customer base and typically see their customers' purchase frequency and visits double, and their ARO increase by at least 20% using our platform."

To remain competitive, stay top-of-mind, and meet consumer expectations, auto repair and tire dealers are implementing automated marketing tools, including rewards and loyalty programs. According to BayIQ shops, customers visit the shop 2x more per year when enrolled in a loyalty rewards program. 

Since its founding in 2016, BayIQ quickly became a trusted partner for the independent tire and automotive repair industry and was acquired by AutoVitals, a leading provider of SaaS solutions to automotive repair and maintenance shops, in early 2021. To learn more about why BayIQ is the leading company to help tire and auto repair shops with their marketing and customer loyalty, read about their solutions.

Read the full press release here.



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