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Why Frank Switched to a New Automotive Shop Software

When service advisors at Frank’s European Service build an engine mount estimate for a Mercedes-Benz, they don’t start from scratch. Instead, they turn to canned jobs and past services within the shop’s automotive shop software, then get on with their day.

That type of problem-solving led the shop’s owner, Frank Scandura, to $3.25 million in sales volume last year. As a result, he shares his success with countless other shops as a mentor, a coach, and a tour guide. He often welcomes visitors to see the 15 bays in his 12,000-square-foot shop where he and his wife Deborah work with 18 staff.

“I have been so blessed in my life so I like sharing my knowledge and helping others,” Frank says, from his office in Las Vegas. “My job is to make people better and I get a charge out of it. It leaves me floating on air.”

He credits his success to the right process, people, and products. Among them, he counts innovative auto repair software as a factor in his multi-million-dollar success.

The early years

Frank started out pumping gas at age 15 in Orange County, New York then worked as a tech. 

However, he injured his back and then moved to Vegas where a Mercedes dealership hired him as a service advisor. 

From there, he opened his own two-lift shop in 2001 and brought in his own tools. Without support from auto shop software, he worked until 10 o’clock most nights. 

Soon, he realized he had to change his approach and hired a coach. Now, he aims to create a business that allows him to hire the staff he needs and provides for him and his family. 

Next, he joined a 20 Group where he learned from his peers. Soon, he became a coach and a Mastermind leader within the Transformers Institute

These days, Frank’s European Service exploded its sales volume from $2.4 million to $3.25 million in six years. Some days, he has 96 open repair orders on the go in his shop.

Solving problems for auto repair customers

Over the years, Frank has learned to make strategic decisions beyond the mindset of an auto repair tech. For example, he noticed his customers had to search for their cars in his shop’s strip mall parking lot. So, he created dedicated parking spots to make their lives easier.

Problem solved.

When he had his tools at this shop every day, he often immersed himself in repairs rather than running the business. So, he took them home. 

“You have to give up the idea that no one can do it as well as me,” Frank says.

He sees many burned-out shop owners who get caught in this trap. They want to sell their shops for $1 million to fund their retirement. Meanwhile, they haven’t developed processes or invested in automotive repair software which helps transfer the value to a new owner.

“I separated myself so my staff became the experts and they prefer that,” Frank says. “Now, I can see bottlenecks or a better way to do things, no matter where I am.” 

Shifting to automotive shop software in the cloud

Two years ago, a ransomware attack shut down his shop for a day, costing him time and money. As a result, Frank made the leap to cloud-based auto repair software so he could also work from home. 

Now, he relies on Shop-Ware’s “mind-blowingly important” canned jobs and past services, but so much more. For example, he offers ideas to improve the software, like making its ‘open jobs’ searchable and sorted by service advisor.  He also influenced how the ‘canned jobs’ page works within the automotive repair order software.

Also, he pushed for Shop-Ware to partner with AutoVitals. The two companies have integrated their platforms to deliver shop management software and a digital solutions provider.

Together, they add increased efficiency to the automotive repair estimating process. These powerful auto repair software give services advisors one integrated tool to save time when inspecting vehicles, compiling estimates, and completing repairs.

Learning from Frank’s example

To be transparent, Frank has posted his mission statement on a large poster in his waiting room:

Our mission is to provide the best automotive service and repair experience possible by serving our customers with unparalleled honesty, integrity, and quality.”

He continues to mentor shop owners to invest in change, whether it’s an automotive shop software or a coach. As a coach, he enjoys showing customers what is at stake and how to fix it.

With that approach, Frank also nurtures relationships with customers who value better service – and who will pay for it. He freely shares his book How To Take Care Of Your Vehicle So It Will Take Care Of You. And he has written countless magazine articles over the years to share his wisdom.

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