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AutoVitals Integration with NAPA TRACS Enterprise

When looking for auto repair shop software, it is important to ensure that whatever software you choose integrates with your existing shop management system or point of sale. We have great news if you are using NAPA TRACS Enterprise for writing repair orders, estimating, cataloging, and/or inventory management. AutoVitals offers a 2-way integration with NAPA TRACS Enterprise to save time and increase profitability. In this blog, we will detail the benefits of using AutoVitals alongside your NAPA TRACS Enterprise shop management system.  


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Why a 2-Way Integration is Important  

A two-way integration between AutoVitals and your shop's point of sale (POS) system saves time, simplifies workflows, reduces errors, and fosters transparency, ultimately benefiting both your shop and your valued customers. First, a 2-way integration eliminates redundant data entry. When a customer's vehicle information, service history, and repair orders are synchronized between AutoVitals and NAPA TRACS, there is no need for manual input. This ensures that accurate information is readily available to both technicians and service advisors. 

With our NAPA TRACS Enterprise 2-way integration, there will not be a discrepancy between your shop’s information in AutoVitals and in NAPA TRACS. 

Basics of the AutoVitals & NAPA TRACS Enterprise Integration  

What Information is Pushed from NAPA TRACS Enterprise to AutoVitals
With our integration, your shop can maintain its current process of building out repair orders and estimates inside of NAPA Tracs. Once a repair order (RO) is saved with at least one authorized job inside of NAPA TRACS, it will be pushed to AutoVitals. You will be able to view this repair order on your AutoVitals home screen (Today’s Vehicle Page). 

The associated customer and vehicle information from NAPA TRACS will be shared with the AutoVitals system for every open repair order with at least one authorized job. 

What Information is Pushed from AutoVitals to NAPA TRACS Enterprise  

Once the repair order is in AutoVitals, you can dispatch it to a technician, and he or she can begin the inspection inside of AutoVitals. The technician who works on each job can be pushed back to NAPA TRACS Enterprise. 

You will be able to push the following information from AutoVitals’ digital inspection to NAPA TRACS Enterprise… 

  • VIN # 
  • License plate # 
  • Odometer in & out 
  • Recommended canned jobs will be added to the work order in NAPA TRACS 
  • Customer-facing notes from jobs in AutoVitals 

Why Use AutoVitals with NAPA TRACS Enterprise 

NAPA TRACS Enterprise is one of the leading shop management systems on the market. Using an effective shop management system is the first step to increasing shop profitability. However, NAPA TRACS does not offer digital inspections, workflow management, or customer retention management, which are proven to dramatically improve your shop’s bottom line. Schedule a product demonstration with AutoVitals to learn more about adding digital inspections to your NAPA TRACS system. 

Digital Vehicle Inspections 

AutoVitals’ digital vehicle inspections are proven to sell 76% more work compared to traditional paper inspections. Digital inspections enable your shop to send inspection results straight to customers' smartphones with educational notes and videos to help your service advisors sell more work. 

Workflow Management 

Digital workflow management significantly improves the efficiency of your auto repair shop, enabling you to better manage an increased volume of cars and drive profitable growth. Incorporating AutoVitals’ workflow management into your digital inspection process empowers your service advisor to manage increased workloads with greater efficiency. This enables your shop to sell more recommended jobs and manage a greater car count while maintaining your highest standard of customer service.

Customer Retention Management 

Earn more repeat business with fully integrated CRM proven to bring customers back to your shop. AutoVitals CRM includes personalized service reminders with deferred and declined services as well as a robust campaign manager to send email and text campaigns. 

Additional Resources 

If you are using NAPA TRACS Enterprise but not yet an AutoVitals customer, check out AutoVitals’ Webpage on napatracs.com.

If you are already an AutoVitals customer and are looking for more information about using AutoVitals integration with NAPA TRACS Enterprise, please check out the following support articles: 


A 2-way integration between your digital vehicle inspection and CRM provider and your shop’s existing point of sale system is the best way to save time and reduce the possibility of costly errors. AutoVitals is proud to offer a 2-way integration with NAPA TRACS Enterprise. Check out our full list of integration partners at www.autovitals.com/partner-integration.

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