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5 Top Auto Mechanic Interview Questions to Ask Every Candidate

Every business owner knows the importance of having a great team, and this is particularly true in the auto repair shop business. The technician shortage has left many auto shop owners in quite a bind, but you can take steps to resolve this. If you can get great employees hired, you can work hard to retain them and begin the process of building a team of loyal workers.

Start by asking smart questions during the hiring process. Here are the top 5 auto mechanic interview questions that will help you find the best fit. 

1. How Do You Prioritize Work on Busy Days?

There is no such thing as a “typical day” in the auto repair shop business. You may not know how many customers you will see or how much work will need to be accomplished on any vehicle that is scheduled. 

Knowing how your mechanics work within these fluctuating schedules can ensure that they will work efficiently and with the customer in mind.

The Answer You Want

 A good mechanic should demonstrate customer service skills in their answer. Prioritizing clients and effectively communicating expected wait times is essential. They should be able to give their clients a reasonable explanation for any delays that they may see with the vehicle and repair.

2. Have You Ever Had a Disagreement with Another Tech on an Auto Repair Job? How was it Resolved?

When it comes to hiring new technicians, you need to ensure that they can work as part of the team you have already established. Oftentimes, mechanics may be required to work in tandem with others. 

This question evaluates the mechanic’s ability to take the feedback of others into consideration when making major decisions.

The Answer You Want

You always want an answer that demonstrates respect for the opinion of other workers and an ability to take constructive criticism of ideas. This indicates that they work well in a team without compromising their values and can work together to come up with the best solution for the client.

3. How Do You Work with Customers Who Have No Experience with Auto Repairs?

Not everyone who brings their vehicle to your auto repair shop knows the ins and outs of how a repair works. The ability to explain what is going on with a specific repair job is paramount, and you need to know how your technicians will handle customer service.

The Answer You Want

You want an answer that demonstrates that they have the ability to prioritize the needs of the client. They should be able to break down a complex repair in a way that makes sense to your customer. They should be clear about what is going to happen and how long it is expected to take. Most importantly, they should be personable and empathetic. 

4. What’s the Most Difficult Repair Job You’ve Handled?

Working in the auto repair industry brings about new challenges all the time. An experienced auto technician should work on many different makes and models, all of which have unique needs. You need to make sure that they have the skill level to work on anything that your customers might throw at them.

The Answer You Want

Focus on answers that show the ability to creatively solve problems with lots of mechanical knowledge behind them. They should sound positive about their experiences instead of overly frustrated and baffled about what should have happened.

5. Technical Questions

While the first five questions you ask relate to a technician’s ability to work well in your business, you also need to address technical expertise. They should have working knowledge and experience with different parts of the car. You can figure out their work experience by asking questions of them such as:

  • What might cause the engine to overheat?
  • How can you judge whether the problem is due to the alternator and not the battery?
  • What are the important components of the engine lubrication system?
  • Explain the difference between crankshaft and camshaft.

The Answer You Want

Look for answers with detailed technical knowledge broken down into simple to understand terms. This will be essential when they attempt to explain repairs to your customers.

Attract and Retain Talent

Interviewing prospective auto technicians is important, and that starts with attracting the right candidates. Making your shop the place where top techs in the industry truly want to work involves solid benefits, a great environment, and consistent car counts–this means that you’ll need to put focus on getting customers to your shop. 

AutoVitals creates an unparalleled partnership with auto repair shop businesses by helping them to implement strategic digital solutions. From Digital Vehicle Inspection software to scheduling and workflow software, your auto repair shop will run more efficiently and bring in more of the top techs in the industry with our software. 

Getting the best techs is challenging in the current market, but it doesn’t have to be. 


Learn 5 Proven Ways to Attract and Retain Talented Repair Technicians


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